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China Society for Technology of PlasticityCMES

(formerly Forging and Stamping Institution of CMES)
       The China Society for Technology of Plasticity, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) was formerly called the Forging and Stamping Institution of CMES, which was founded in 1963. It is the national academic mass organization and the center of the professionals in the fields of plasticity technology such as rolling, extrusion, forging, stamping, die-making and the like. As one of the constituent parts of CMES, this Institution is located in the Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology.
Developing the academic exchanges, promoting the plasticity technology, applying advanced scientific-technical results to the practice, providing the factories with the technical advice, appraising the technical research fruits, compiling the professional literatures, popularizing the related technical knowledge, developing the academic-technical exchanges among peers at home and/or abroad, organizing international and domestic academic conferences or exhibitions, publishing the plasticity technology-related periodicals, books and guiding technical documents─all are the duties of the Institution.
A council with its standing council is elected to lead the Institution. The members of the council and its standing council hold a meeting every year. The routine work of the Institution is conducted by the executive body, known as Secretariat, which is chaired by the secretary-general. The Secretariat has its office also in the Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology.
 At present, there are 16 academic committees under the council, e.g. plastic theory, precision forging technology, forging equipment, stamping technology, big forgings, spinning technology, semi-solid processing technology, heating technology, special rolling technology, environmental protection, production engineering, super-plasticity technology, CAD/CAM. In addition, there are 3 working committees, e.g. of young professionals’, of editing and publishing and of advisory work.
The activities of the Institution are characterized by medium-to-small size and their diversity. It displays the roles of the above-stated academic committees to the full. Apart from organizing various kinds of academic exchanges, it also stages exhibitions, holds short-term training courses, spreads new technology, organizes experts to compile handbooks, reference materials and technical guiding documents. Moreover, it develops the technical interchanges among and co-operations with the international academic organizations and strengthens the ties with them. So far we have, in order of time, established relations with the International Committee of Cold Forging, the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, the Forging Processing Institution of UK, the Mechanical Engineering Institution of Germany and the former Forging and Stamping Institution of USSR. We have held a number of bilateral or multilateral international conferences such as the Sino-Japan Bilateral Conference on Precision Forging, the Sino-Japan Bilateral Symposium on Stamping, the Sino-Japan Symposium on Super-plasticity, the Sino-Soviet Academic Conference, the Anglo-China multilateral academic conference, the International Conference on Rotary Forging and the 4th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity etc. Besides, the exchanges and co-operations with the foreign experts have also been tied up by inviting them to give lectures in China as well as organizing delegation groups to visit other countries. All of what the Institution has done has played a great role in raising the level of the plasticity technology in our country. Our industry, in particular, has gained many profits because a lot of advanced technology has brought about great progresses in their production.
In provinces, municipalities and prefectures, the Institution has set up a number of local institutions, through which the Institution keeps in close contact with the nation-wide peers who work in the field of plasticity technology, understand what the local factories need and do the best to serve them. The Institution has worked hard to combine the work of its affiliated committees with that of the local institutions so that the new techniques, new technology and new scientific-technical fruits may timely and quickly spread all over the country.

China Society for Technology of Plasticity CMES

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